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Okay I see this line floating around everywhere and I need to say: the content of a story doesn’t mean squat, the skill of the writer is what matters. Twilight could have actually been a good love story if it was written by someone other than Stephanie Meyer. Romeo and Juliet is considered the epitome of the tragic love story for a reason. If three days was all the time Shakespeare needed in his narrative to tell a good story, then three days it is. And the age is also a lot less shocking if you have even the slightest historical context behind it.

Also I do indeed realize this is a joke. Duh. I get that. But people still constantly reference the age of the characters like that somehow negates the value of the whole story. It’s possible for people as young as thirteen to experience feelings of passion and love, you know; I mean seriously, think about yourself at that age. I know how I was at thirteen; even if I didn’t yet grasp that you need to get to know someone for a while to truly love them, and even if I couldn’t yet tell the difference between true love and mere infatuation, those feelings are still very real and powerful.

So those of us who actually read it and understood it can still appreciate Romeo & Juliet for what it is.

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